Sports Website Errs With Los Angeles Chargers Mention

Are you ready to get your heads around the concept of “Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego”?

Say it ain’t so, Pro Football!!!

NBC7’s Derek Togerson stumbled upon what was a monumental – although most likely non-human – mistake during a stats venture onto the site that specializes in All Things Shield (see image above).

But it was cause to wonder, momentarily – did the Savants at PFR know something that those who bleed powder blue and sunshine gold ought to?

That the Bolts are, uh, bolting to greener turf in the L.A. “market”, as sales types like to brand places of commerce?

Could the Machiavellian hand of Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani somehow be moving in mysterious ways faster than even his severest critics could imagine?

Well, no – according to PFR (see Tweet). [[298026931,C]]

Still, with high-profile NFL prognosticators and pundits already talking up a Chargers relocation as a fait accompli, anamolies such as this can only invite paranoia to strike deeper into the hearts of Bolts Backers everywhere and anywhere.

And warm the hearts of those who daydream of returning to the glory days of L.A.’s pro football yesteryears.

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