LISTEN: On Friar Podcast – Overreactions and Postseason Possibilities with Jessica Kleinschmidt

How does the last week impact the Padres' ceiling in 2021? The crew shares some thoughts on the crucial months ahead.

The guys are joined by Jessica Kleinschmidt of NBC Sports Bay Area to assess the club following injuries, an underwhelming trade deadline and more so-so play. They share some overreactions to a tough week. What's the most likely key to success or source of shortcoming for the Friars in October?

The bullpen has been mostly good - they discuss how that could factor into the team's approach. Can we fast forward to late August? Some thoughts on the NL West games that lie ahead and an opportunity for the Padres to pick up wins in the meantime. Jess also shares her insight on the Giants and what's triggered their surprising season.

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