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Listen: On Friar Podcast – Catching Up With Grossmont Grad Turned Pirates Pitcher Joe Musgrove

The Pittsburgh starting pitcher shared what he's learned in his first four seasons in the bigs, and weighed in on the major issues facing MLB in its hopes of playing a 2020 season.

Joe Musgrove is part of the Pittsburgh Pirates' surprising pipeline of San Diego ballplayers. Right now he's back in his hometown, staying in shape and finding creative ways to pass the time until the season starts.

The Grossmont Grad joined Derek Togerson and Darnay Tripp on the latest episode of On Friar to discuss what he's been up to: from working out and beach time, to watching movies and binge watching Game of Thrones, to going out of his way to help out others during these difficult circumstances.

"A lot of life is all about how you react to situations, not the situations themselves. We're trying to stay positive we realize that this isn't gonna be forever. We're trying to get better every day in the time that we can, whether that's helping people our or staying on top of our stuff. Just trying to come with a good attitude every day that's all you can do right now."

He also passed along the lessons he's learned through his first four seasons in the big leagues. The righty reflected on unique experiences like his first time facing Mike Trout, and being 2-0 in his hometown stadium Petco Park.

"I don't know maybe just a little extra adrenaline pitching in front of family and my home city. A lot of adrenaline and cool memories get brought up when I come play in San Diego. I grew up watching games at Petco and Qualcomm. A lot of my dreams and desires to play at that level came from watching games at those seats. Getting to be on the other side of the field and actually playing and being the one that's bringing people in to watch like I was as a kid is really special to me."

Musgrove also weighed in on the negotiations between MLB owners and players, and gave his perspective on why players are opposed to a 50-50 revenue split. He explained why some of the proposed safety guidelines would be difficult to enforce during games, and why he's hoping to rejoin his team as soon as June 10th.

"I think a lot of us are ready to play. We understand the risks that we're taking but we do tons of things on a daily basis to keep ourselves healthy and keep our immune systems strong. It's just a risk you'd have to take to get back there, but a lot of people need to get back to work. It's bigger than us just getting out there and playing and making our money. There's a lot of people that are suffering from it, so I think it would bring a lot of good to everybody if we were able to get back on the field."

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