Listen: On Friar Podcast – Baseball America's Kyle Glaser on Progress Toward a 2020 MLB Season

The San Diego native shares his thoughts on the state of league negotiations, and how they could shape the upcoming season.

LG Patterson/MLB via Getty Images

It appears that Rob Manfred and Tony Clark made real progress this week toward a 2020 MLB season. But how much is left to be settled?

Kyle Glaser, a San Diego native turned National Writer for Baseball America, joined the On Friar podcast to discuss the state of negotiations. As owners push for a 60-game season, and the players look for a schedule in the neighborhood of 72 games, Kyle explains how $10 million per team is still standing in the way.

Why has this process been so contentious? And what impact could that have on the game's following once players are back on the field? Kyle gave his take on the implications, and the various implications or a shortened season.

The guys also discussed the Padres' 2020 MLB Draft class, and why there's so much excitement around the group - thanks in part to a highly-regarded third round pick.

Before wrapping up, Kyle shared some of his experience growing up in San Diego - and why he considers one local ballpark (featured on his Twitter profile) a very special place.

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