Local High School Star Turns Pro

San Diego H.S. star leaving school early

High school players are no longer allowed to go directly from the prom to the NBA, but they can go overseas.  San Diego High junior forward Jeremy Tyler is going to do just that.

Right now.

Tyler is skipping his senior year of high school to go play professionally in Europe.  Scouts say he's the best amateur big man in the country.  Tyler averaged 27.8 points a game for the Cavers this season and was offered a full scholarship to play for Rick Pitino at Louisville, but instead will make at least a 6-figure salary as a pro across the pond.  

Tyler is the first player to turn pro in the middle of his high school career.  He'll play two years in Europe, then be eligible for the NBA Draft.

An NBA general manager spoke to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!Sports about Tyler.

“His game will be picked apart [by scouts], but long-term it’s much better for his development as a player,” said one Western Conference general manager, who can’t comment publicly due to NBA rules. “It’s a bold move, but I’ve seen tape and that kid could play in the NBA right now. He’s an incredible talent.”

His likely destination is Spain, reports NYTimes.com, though teams from other European leagues have shown interest.

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