I Love the Rodeo

Local volunteer for Lakeside Rodeo says it gets better every year

"It's an amazing production", says Kate Cunningham about the Lakeside Rodeo which begins Friday. "My favorite part besides the kids are the cowboys." This year there were will be more than ever before.

Cunningham gushes with enthusiasm even after working as a volunteer for 17 years. 

"It's all run by volunteers," she adds and what brings everyone back is that every penny from the Lakeside Rodeo goes back into the community.  For example the money from every hot dog and every soda bought goes to the purchase of textbooks, school team uniforms, playground equipment. 

"If a child needs antibiotics from the El Capitan Family Health Center" and can't afford it ,the proceeds from the Rodeo pay for it,"she said.

The most popular event no doubt is bull riding, Cunningham says.  "There are an amazing number of  young professionals from all over (the country)."

This is the premier rodeo for the San Diego region and it draws spectators from all over, she adds.

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