Get in the Water

VAVi Sport and Social Club offers 3-for-the-price-of-2

A local sports club is offering a discounted rate on surf lessons this month.

VAVi is offering three lessons for the price of two during July. You don’t want to be left sitting on the sand this summer! This deal means you and two friends can get together and take nine hours worth of lessons for just $116 each. Or, if you’re real penny-pincher, don’t tell your friends and have them sign up for the $175 price --  that way you can take the lessons for free. The surfing lessons take place three Sundays in July from 9 a.m. to noon in South Mission Beach.

After you hang 10, there’s sex on the beach -- no, not that -- Sex on the Beach, as in a drink -- at the Vavi happy hour at Sandbar, where they offer 20 percent off your entire food order.

Whether you’re a San Diego local or one of the many transplants, VAVi Sport and Social Club offers participants a great way to meet people while staying active. VAVi sets up sports leagues for adults ranging from 21-40. The club is a "pay as you play" type of setup.  To get started, you’ll first want to sign up for the e-mails that the club sends out a couple times a week. The newsletters tell you what tournaments are coming up, along with the openings the teams have. Then, as you see things you want to participate in, sing up. It’s that easy.

If a team sport is more your thing, the club offers leagues. Keith Cunningham, VAVi's marketing director, said the main sports this summer are kickball, softball, bowling and soccer. Don’t worry: If you fly solo, you can participate as a "free agent," and they’ll try and put you on a team. He also said summer is VAVi's peak season. 

Whether it’s bowling, booze or meeting babes, VAVi provides a great way to socialize and make the most of your summer.

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