Former Charger Marries His Stalker

Chris Chambers says "I Do"

According to online reports, former Charger Chris Chambers has married his stalker.

Apparently, Chambers married his alleged mistress Stacey Bernice Saunders in Las Vegas on July 24.

Saunders was charged with 11 misdemeanor counts in November 2009, for allegedly stalking and harassing Chambers' family, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Chambers' ex-wife Christina told police that Saunders was repeatedly harassing her over the telephone, the paper said. Two months later a restraining order was filed against Saunders.

The U-T says Chambers called Saunders messages "abusive, vulgar and irrational."

The charges against Saunders were dropped in court, after neither party appeared at the hearing.

According to our NBC affiliate in Kansas City, Chambers filed for divorce form his wife a week after the hearing citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Chambers was released from the Chargers in 2009. Chambers is now a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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