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Five Things to Know About 2022 World Cup in Qatar

This year's World Cup will be unlike any other in several respects

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The World Cup is entering uncharted territory this year.

The 2022 event in Qatar will offer plenty of firsts for the world’s biggest soccer tournament. There is a new location featuring new stadiums, not to mention an unfamiliar spot on the calendar.

With the tournament set to start on Nov. 21, check out the video above or read below for a quick crash course on what is going to make the 2022 World Cup unique:

First World Cup to be held in the Middle East

This is just the second World Cup set in Asia, joining the 2002 event in South Korea and Japan, and the first in the Middle East.

Among continents, Europe has hosted the most World Cups in history with 11. South America has hosted five, North America has hosted three and Africa has hosted one.

First winter World Cup in Northern Hemisphere

For the first time, there will be World Cup matches on Thanksgiving.

Due to Qatar’s summer heat, the tournament was moved from its usual place in the calendar to a November start. It will be the first World Cup that does not take place in May, June or July.

Most expensive World Cup in history

Qatar reportedly is spending over $200 billion on infrastructure, including stadium construction, for the 2022 World Cup. By comparison, the 2018 World Cup reportedly cost Russia between $10 and $15 billion, making Qatar the most expensive World Cup to date.

All World Cup stadiums in Qatar within one hour of each other

Players won’t have to travel far to go from venue to venue at the 2022 World Cup.

All eight World Cup stadiums in Qatar are within one hour of driving distance from each other. While convenient, it comes from the fact that Qatar is smaller than every U.S. state except Delaware and Rhode Island.

Last World Cup with 32 teams

The World Cup is expanding in 2026.

The event, which will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico, is the first in World Cup history that will feature 48 teams. In turn, the 2022 competition in Qatar will be the seventh and final World Cup with a 32-team format.

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