Zebra Report Mailbag: We Refuse to Leave

Matt Snyder

by Matt Snyder

Apparently zebras, like cats, have more than a few lives, because I tried to put the Zebra Report to bed last week, and now things just keep popping up. This is, however, no traditional report. I've merely gotten a few emails that I wanted to answer on the public forum.

Robin writes:


Thanks for writing the Zebra Report -- good stuff, looking forward to it next season.

In our north side bar, after we all reached the consensus that the spot itself couldn't be challenged, someone said that Lovie should challenge the catch itself -- it actually was really close to the ground -- and accept that he'd lose the challenge, but expecting that as part of the review they would respot the ball at the actual spot of the tackle. Wouldn't the referee be expected to respot the ball, after seeing the replay, even if that wasn't the issue that was challenged?

True, I didn't have to include the first part, but a little ego-stroking doesn't hurt your chances to make the mailbag cut. Thanks, Robin.

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