Worst Idea Ever: Lions Should Sign Michael Vick Once He Gets Out of Prison

I understand desperate times call for desperate measures and whatnot, and it's inconceivable that things could get much worse for the Detroit Lions -- even if they re-hired Matt Millen to play offensive line. But even with the organization wallowing in its own wretchedness, this idea, proposed by mlive.com's Tom Kowalski, is, well, mental.

Lions insider Tom Kowalski doesn't think imprisoned quarterback Michael Vick is the perfect solution to Detroit's quarterback controversy, but he does think the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback might be worth a look.

"I know the old Lions would never consider it, but you never know with the new Lions that they may think outside the box a little more - I think it's worth a shot."

Kowalski also added: "Vick's biggest problem when he was playing before was that his ego was out of control, he thought that the way he played the game was right, he had no humility to him at all ... After what he's gone through, my guess is he would appreciate the NFL and the opportunity to play football a lot more and might actually study the game plan and work on his technique - so why not take a shot?"

I agree; he'd probably appreciate another chance to play professional football, but his biggest problem wasn't that his "ego was out of control," it was that he completed roughly 50 percent of his passes. And for all his elusiveness, he took a ton of sacks. His ego was seventh or eighth on the list of reasons why things didn't work out the first go-round, somewhere after PUPPY MURDER.

Vick should be out of the clink next summer, and while there are sure to be NFL teams interested in his services ("Adam" Pacman Jones got second, third, fourth and fifth chances, after all), I can't imagine it'll be as a quarterback.

Ron Mexico's best bet might be to study up on the games of Antwaan Randle El and Brad Smith, two athletically gifted college quarterbacks who made the successful transition to NFL wide receiver. Multi-threat Vick would create all sorts of problems for defenses, much more so than having him sit in the pocket firing incompletions all over the yard.

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. First things first: he's got to get out of the joint. A little advice, Mike: don't let your brother drive you home.

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