Winslow Could Miss The Monday Night Game With ‘An Illness'

Because of their amazing football this season, the Browns were awarded a spot on Monday Night against the Giants this week. Sadly, Derek Anderson might have to step on the battlefield without his number one soldier, Kellen Winslow, who is out with a rather peculiar injury.

Winslow has missed two practices in a row because of "an illness." No, seriously, that is what they're saying, I couldn't even make that up.

Tight end Winslow, who looked fine when the team returned from its bye weekend on Monday, visited a doctor on Thursday and missed his second practice in a row.

The Browns say Winslow is out with an illness, but won't disclose what it is.

"We're sending him down and letting the doctors look at him and they'll let us know," coach Romeo Crennel said.

Wow, it appears their medical staff is about as consistent as the Browns offense this season. Winslow, the sixth pick overall in the 2004 draft, has been relatively healthy this season, but hasn't come close to putting up the numbers to prove that. In the Browns first four games where they went 1-4, Winslow is averaging just 42.5 yards per game and has only found the end zone once.

Crennel said this gem about Winslow, which sounds more like a random non-football fan making fun of a football coach than an actual NFL coach speaking of a key player.

"I think he's a valuable piece to this puzzle we have," the coach said. "If he's able to do something, we'll try to catch him up and let him play."

I actually like this analogy. See, Winslow is one of those puzzle pieces, but he's become that one you can't find because your 3-year-old put it in the couch cushion or the dog is chewing on it in the corner. Yep, that's Winslow.

This is the time I step aside and give the floor to a few of the comments on the story.

jeffsimpson -- "Maybe he's "sick" of not getting the ball. If we put the ball in the hands of this playmaker more often maybe we'd have more than one win."

USMCDawg89 -- "Can the Browns ever get some good news???"

clefan1 -- "Please God, don't let it be a staph infection..."

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 Cleveland Browns!

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