Winslow Could Miss Monday Nighter Because of His, Um, Little Buddies

It was reported, rather meagerly, yesterday that Cleveland tight end Kellen Winslow could miss the Monday Night yawn-fest because of "an illness."

The report said just that, nothing more, nothing less, leaving the imagination to wander. Well, you'd have to be a pretty sick person to guess what really happened to Winslow. According to Pro Football Talk, Kellen's testicles "swelled to the size of grapefruits."

Wow, who's up for a late lunch?!?

Tight end Winslow, who looked fine when the team returned from its bye weekend on Monday, visited a doctor on Thursday and missed his second practice in a row.

The Browns say Winslow is out with an illness, but won't disclose what it is.

Well Browns, I actually appreciate you guys giving us one more day to not hear about this. PFT is pointing towards a condition called Hydrocele, or in more medical arenas, "humongous gonads."

Hydrocele occurs when fluid accumulates between the two membranes that cover the testicles. One or both testicles may be swollen. Hydrocele swelling gradually increases over a period of weeks or months.

Hydrocele swelling is usually painless. If the testicles appear to be chronically swollen, medical interventions are available. Surgery can cure hydrocele, or the fluid may be drawn out of the testicular membrane using a fine needle (fine needle aspiration is quite painful, so some men prefer surgical options).

See, this is where we get ya. You come to the NFL FanHouse page thinking, "Oh wow, what a wonderful Friday, i think I'm going to sit down and check out some good old fashioned football news with nothing else but sports, sports, sports" and BOOM, you're reading about testicles. It isn't easy to pull that 180 on you but we did it. High five us!

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