Wanna Know How to Save the Raiders? Michael Vick, of Course!

I'm beginning to think it's no coincidence that the Lions and Raiders are annually among the worst teams in the league. You can pin one losing season on bad luck, two to poor personnel decisions, but three or more and it's intentional.

Earth-shattering stuff, I know, but just one week after a Detroit writer put forth what, at the time, seemed like the worst idea ever -- the Lions should sign Michael Vick once he gets out of the joint -- a Bay Area scribe jumps on the Ron Mexico bandwagon on the Raiders' behalf.

Because, really, nothing screams organizational stability like bringing in an ex-con puppy murderer. I can't imagine how that might end badly. But as is often the case in sports, the potential for greatness, no matter how slight, trumps common sense. Cue the Oakland Tribune's Monte Poole:

I can't think of a good reason why the Raiders wouldn't want to get in on the [Michael Vick] action.

I suspect Al Davis feels the same way, given his history of offering second chances, his fixation with former No. 1 draft picks and his obsession with athletes who run like cheetahs.

Vick would add a dynamic alternative to JaMarcus Russell, Oakland's presumed quarterback of the future. The job should be Russell's to have for as long as he can keep it. He represents a massive investment, and he possesses the raw tools to be outstanding.

Poole goes onto write that the reinvented Vick won't be strictly a quarterback but a hybrid, "lining up at quarterback or running back or wide receiver." Well, this assumes that in addition to maintaining that sterling 50 percent completion percentage, Mr. Mexico would also be able to take a hit coming out of the backfield and learn how to run routes as a pass catcher.

By the way, isn't Vick just like Darren McFadden but much, much worse? Added bonus: he's a felon. So what's the upside again? Worst team ever? Hmm. I think Ron Mexico and John McCain might have something to say about that.

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