Wait, What … Vernon Davis Is Less Productive Under Mike Martz Than Jim Hostler?

Way back in May, during the 49ers minicamp, tight end Vernon Davis got in a scrape with teammate Parys Haralson. After practice, the Press Democrat's Matt Maiocco jokingly asked Davis if he was acting out of frustration built up from the offense-less team Mike Nolan put on the field last season.

The team has it's fourth offensive coordinator in as many seasons, and this one, Mike Martz, is known for matriculating the ball down the field, primarily through the air. Good news for Davis, right? Eh, maybe not. Through five games, he has five catches for 87 yards. I'm guessing the 49ers (and Davis, judging from this) were looking for more production from the former sixth-overall pick.

Sorry, Vernon, Martz doesn't care.

Q: But is there a sense that Davis is starting to get antsy with his production?
Martz: Is this a serious question?

Q: Yeah - he has five catches in five games.
Martz: I have no idea what he has. I don't think about those things to be honest with you. I'm sure anyone with five catches - I don't care who you are - is probably not satisfied. It's not the point, though, probably, is it? We're just trying to win. His time will come

Okay, so it's not that Martz doesn't care, he's just more interested in winning. Fair enough, particularly for an outfit that hasn't had a winning season Steve Mariucci, Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens were on the premises seven years ago. Plus, if Davis is more valuable as a run blocker then, well, that's okay, too. At least as far as Frank Gore is concerned.

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