The Debacle in Dallas Continues To Dive Deeper Towards Complete Disaster

If you were (or are) a Cowboys fan, and this was Y2K, now would be the time to start stocking your basement with a year's worth of bottled water and canned goods. It took a little less than two weeks for this brand new car to start leaking oil, blow out tires and have the air conditioning go, and it's getting to the point where the car might not actually start again.

With the question marks surrounding this Tony Romo situation, one thing has become even clearer than it had in the past -- "head coach" Wade Phillips has no control. Romo, who was called out by Brett Favre to play despite an injured pinky finger, is now being jabbed by Jerry Jones, and Phillips, shockingly, is standing up for himself. If you've got that "Phillips Gets Fired" pool going, I'd buy a lot of squares for the next two weeks.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on his weekly radio show Friday morning that Romo "looks like he'll be able to play Sunday." Jones said there was no chance that Romo could re-injure the pinkie because of the cast-like protection on his hand.

"It will be up to him. If he is feeling good and the pain is good, then it's likely he'll play," Jones said. "It's down to can he handle the pain?"

When Phillips was asked if he had been told Romo couldn't do further damage to the finger, the coach responded, "Dr. Jerry. Whatever Jerry says, I'm going with."

Dr. Jerry. Alright, here goes...

I'm a Cowboy fan. I have been since I was a kid, basically because of proximity, not appeal. I loved them because they were the neighborhood team, made cool Starter jackets, and had some players you could cheer for. I was forced to root for the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks, so it wasn't like I had a lot of choice on successful programs.

Being a Cowboys fan, and one that enjoyed keeping up with all aspects of the team, you knew that eventually Jones was going to blow this thing up. You remember when you first watched "Blue Chips" and as everything was going on, you knew Nick Nolte's character had too much pride to just sit around and watch the program turn corrupt? Well, that's Jones, minus the heart. He doesn't care how the car is driven as long as he's in charge and they're the top story on the sports page.

Now he's evaluating the health of his quarterback, picking up any and all players that might raise an eyebrow no matter if there's a possibility of them walking into the locker room one day and opening fire. "If they can play, they will play, no matter their rap sheet."

The problem is, success needs chemistry and this team looks to be as compatible as Don Imus and Jesse Jackson. They have Terrell Owens pouting on the sidelines, Romo snagging the tabloid headlines and Pacman Jones getting in fights at a hotel. If Barry Bonds could play in the NFL, he'd be the starting free safety for Dallas. Why the hell not?

It looks like Phillips has finally realized his role as head coach. Basically, someone has to stand on the sidelines and hold the clipboard, and Jones found the least likely to make a ruckus about his lack of true power.

The question is, who can Jones blame when the team he has assembled has the most talent in the league but the least heart?

It makes one Cowboy fan ready to hang up the star.

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