The Browns and Broncos Begin the Brady Era Tonight in Cleveland

Tonight is a special Thursday game, because not only is there professional football on a school night, but we get to see the, for the first time, the sharp jaw of Brady Quinn on more than just the sideline.

Quinn will start as quarterback for Cleveland against one of the worst secondaries in the league, so he has that going for him. While we enjoy keeping up with all football clubs, this is a perfect time to see what others are saying around the world wide web. Here are some of the better Browns blogs take on the game tonight.

Dawgs By Nature -- After sitting on the bench for a year and a half, Quinn will make his debut as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Quinn said it best -- even though it's a short week, there is no room for excuses. He's been preparing for this type of opportunity every week, and he'll get his first crack against perhaps the worst defense we've faced all season. Granted, that may skew his production compared to the tough defenses Derek Anderson has faced, but in the end, all that matters is that "W" on the board.

Browns Gab
-- There is high anticipation for the matchup on the Browns fans side just because of Quinn being in the lineup. Anderson was pulled due to the fact he's been way too inconsistent, and even last week he threw a huge pick in a high pressure situation when he threw a pick six to Terrell Suggs down by three with close to three minutes left in the eventual 37-27 loss. It will be interesting to see if the playbook is scaled down for Quinn, or if they are going to throw the book at him with just two days of practice, which is unlikely.

Terry Pluto at Cleveland Plain Dealer -- He has thrown eight passes in the regular season. There is a body of research that shows if a quarterback starts at least 35 games at a BCS school, and completes at least 57 percent of his passes, he tends to have a successful pro career. Quinn had 46 starts at Notre Dame, completing 59.9 percent. For what it's worth, Anderson had 38 starts at Oregon State, completing 50.7 percent.

Yeah, as you can see a few of the Browns fans still left typing are excited to see Brady on the field.

While I'm not sold on him being the savior, I do think the team needed to do something to make fans excited for this game and putting in the face of the franchise (sad but true) is the only thing they could do to make people care again.

No matter if you are rooting for the Browns or the Broncos, watching tonight will be interesting for a lot of reasons, especially to see if Quinn even remembers what to do as a starter in a football game. Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and company has showed us that talent can make up for inexperience a lot of the time. We shall soon see if Quinn is talented or just a lot of muscles and protein powder.

Give us your thoughts. Do you think he does well or falls on his face?

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