Seneca Wallace Finally Ascendes to His Quarterbacking Throne in Seattle!

We have all been waiting years for this. And now that Matt Hasselbeck has gotten his pesky back out of the way, Seneca Wallace can finally start at quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Okay, not really. Well, yes really. (That's right. I have successfully confused myself.) Anywho, the point is that Seneca is healthy enough to start for the Seahawks, Hasselbeck is already ruled out and Charlie Frye is still Charlie Frye. So Wallace gets the nod.

Seneca Wallace will start at quarterback, coach Mike Holmgren said, as long as nothing happens with regard to Wallace's injury before Sunday's game at Tampa Bay.

"He looked OK," Holmgren said. "But more importantly, probably, is that he feels OK. It's going to be his ball game I believe unless something happens in the next two games days. And I've got confidence in him."

Yeah, as you can see, everyone is really enthused. As they should be -- Wallace isn't exactly Hasselbeck in his health and/or prime, but he's definitely not Charlie Frye. And that, immediately, is a tremendous plus for the Seahawks.

I've personally always thought that Seattle should have used Seneca at wideout, even if it didn't work out well when they finally did, but this is his best role. At least considering that he'll give the 'Hawks a better chance to win than Frye. And yes, the Mike Holmgren Farewell Tour just keeps getting more exciting and enjoyable for the old feller.

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