San Diego State Soaks San Diego

The Aztecs may not have done much on the football field (32-62 in the last eight years). Despite actual (not announced) attendance sliding from over 28,000 in 2004 to under 18,000 in 2007in the stretch, they haven't lost any money with their lease at Qualcomm Stadium. The city, however, has lost over $300,000 dollars over the last couple years on the deal. No wonder they don't want to extend the present lease.

SDSU's previous lease called for the city to receive 8 percent of total gross game revenue, including tickets, parking and concessions. The lease ensures the city gets at least $50,000 per game. If 8 percent of the total gross does not reach $50,000, the city would take the balance out of parking and concessions. Because of poor attendance, SDSU has paid the city no more than the minimum rent for all but a few of its past 23 home games. In 2004, the minimum was $40,000 a game.

The City of San Diego, in addition to the operating expenses of the stadium also had to cover the police and fire expenses in and around Qualcomm. Either the Aztecs have some great lawyers, or San Diego has real idiots who handled the last negotiations.

As it stands now the old lease has expired, but no new lease has been agreed. The city just wants to make sure they don't lose money on the next deal.IN the meantime, the old lease terms will continue until they reach an agreement. SDSU is getting right on that.

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