Saints' Deuce McAllister, Will Smith Among ‘Rash of Positive Drug Tests' in NFL

An NFL week filled with infected players, conflicts over duplicitous players, and the wussification of football was just a warm-up to the big stuff. Steroids are back on the league's radar screen. Well, sort of.

It started with Josina Anderson of FOX 31 Colorado reporting that there were a "rash of positive tests" for Bumetanide, a diuretic used to help people lose weight as well as mask the use of drugs, including steroids. Her report indicated six to 10 positive tests and named two New Orleans Saints, Will Smith and Deuce McAllister, specifically. Her source believed that the players were taking the diuretic to make weight; some of those affected are linemen who have weight clauses in their contracts.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN has thrown more fuel on the fire by backing up the initial report on Sportscenter, also saying that the number of positive tests is "more than 10 and may exceed 15." He also spoke to an attorney who said that several players have retained his services to fight the charges on appeal.

A first offense of the league's steroid policy carries a four-game suspension. Clearly this is a story that's going to have more developments in the next few days as details emerge and as players, teams and the league begin to comment.

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