Romeo Crennel Tells Cleveland Browns to Keep Politics Out of the Locker Room

Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennel doesn't necessarily have a problem with his backup quarterback, Brady Quinn, introducing John McCain at a campaign rally. But he would prefer that players keep their politics out of the locker room.

Crennel explained why he'd rather not hear about politics when his players are supposed to be focusing on football:

''My main concern is that they don't get on the soap box here in the locker room and get it going back and forth about a particular candidate against another particular candidate,'' Crennel said. ''That's why the ballot is a secret ballot when you go vote. I told them, 'Your politics is your politics, but don't let it interfere with this team, with your preparation for the next opponent.' ''

Quinn isn't the only Browns player to voice support for a candidate; left tackle Joe Thomas joined Quinn at the McCain rally, while Browns linebacker Willie McGinest has said he's an Obama supporter. But for all the players, Crennel's advice sounds reasonable: Feel free to get involved, just don't let it interfere with your job.

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