Patriots Reportedly Pissed Brady Had Knee Surgery in California

Just when you thought we could go a few days without hearing about Tom Brady, I'm here to talk to you about Tom Brady.

You're welcome.

After whiffing badly on every aspect of the Brett Favre-stabs-Packers-in-back story, ESPN is now reporting (via PFT) that the Patriots are upset with Brady's decision to have knee surgery in California. It's a decision that appears to be blowing up in Brady's face, as he's facing more surgery to clean up infections. There's also a possibility that he may have to undergo another reconstruction of his torn ACL if the infections don't go away.

The Patriots, as an organization, are upset with the situation because they were clear that they wanted Brady's surgery done under the direction of doctors of their choosing in Boston, sources told ESPN.

Instead, Brady opted to have the surgery in California by a doctor his family preferred, and now there are major problems. Brady was supposed to be back in New England by now, but a timeline for his return remains unclear.

A person close to Brady told ESPN: "Tom is looking at months, not weeks, to fix this."


Obviously, there needs to be a disclaimer, as Mike Florio noted in the aforementioned PFT story. After all, the Patriots allegedly hate ESPN because of their Spygate reporting and other issues. What are the odds that someone in the organization is giving ESPN any straight information on this story?

Then again, as we learned this week, ESPN wouldn't report it unless they could confirm it. So if this is their story, you know it must be true.

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