Patriots Didn't Have One Penalty in Rams Game, Jim Haslett's Not Buying It

Hey, NFL, Rams head coach Jim Haslett wants you to know that he knows that you know that the officials probably missed a call or 12 during Sunday's St. Louis-New England game. You see, the Rams lost 23-16 thanks, in part, to a late Marc Bulger interception, but the whopping zero flags thrown on the Patriots probably didn't help things.

Snyder touched on it in the latest Zebra Report: "I do wonder how it's possible for an NFL team to play 60 minutes of football and not be assessed any penalty yardage." Yeah, so does Haslett.

Which is why he's going through the weekly ritual of sending the game tape to the league.

Haslett noted three instances in which he felt New England should've been hit with a personal foul: a facemask on quarterback Marc Bulger, a late hit on Bulger and an out-of-bounds hit on cornerback Fakhir Brown after an interception.

The Rams will send tapes to the league office, citing plays in which they think calls were missed. "We've got a few today," Haslett said, smiling. "It doesn't help. It just lets them know you know."

To Haslett's credit, he admitted that calls made in the heat of the game can be viewed differently by different sets of eyeballs. Particularly those eyeballs that don't work. "They're all judgmental calls ... Your eyes or my eyes might see two different things. They're subjective. That's kind of how that works."

Offensive lineman Richie Incognito, who, shockingly, isn't known for his oratorical prowess, offered this:

"Never ever, ever, ever played a perfect team before ... That's all I am going to say on that one."

Well, Richie, let me be the first to introduce you to the awesome powers of Bill Belichick and Matt Cassel. That, my friend, is what perfection looks like. Well, if you close your eyes and imagine Tom Bradyhugging a goat. That's what Peter King says, anyhow.

Okay, now it's awkward. Moving on...

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