Padres Owner and Wife Flipping Coins to Figure Out Who Gets Use of the Owners Box

Note to self: Make sure and include the ownership of my future sports team in the future pre-nup for the future Ex-Mrs. Brinson.

Why? Because the future Ex-Mrs. Brinson could be like Becky Moores, that's why. Moores, the wife of San Diego Padres owner John Moores, has let their divorce proceedings get a little bit nasty by making sure her former husband is aware of how much she likes baseball. And attending baseball games.

On July 30, Becky Moores had asked for a court order in which she and John Moores would share the future use of the owner's and commissioner's boxes at Petco Park "until we reach an agreement for the ownership of the team." She proposed either alternating home games, flipping a coin or taking turns bidding on games to attend. Those proposals were rejected then, she said in court documents.

I wholeheartedly "Boooo" Moores' refusal to engage in childish games of chance to determine the fate of his millions of dollars. There are only so many ways to respectably salvage the end of a marriage, and frankly, flipping a coin -- or, preferably, rock-paper-scissors -- seems like a perfect way to decide who gets to own a Major League Baseball team.

Or, in really great news, maybe this will become a huge public spat and Bud Selig will just take the team over in addition to his


commissioner duties.

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