NFL Fines Vince Wilfork $35K for Chronic Cheap Shots; Cutler, Losman Not Impressed

Yesterday I mentioned that Patriots nose tackle/cheap-shot specialist Vince Wilfork had a meet-and-greet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss Wilfork's predilection for trying to maim opponents.

Goodell determined that Wilfork wouldn't be suspended for repeatedly violating the rules, but would incur a fine. And today we find out how much. From the Boston Globe (via PFT):

Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork will be fined $35,000 by the NFL, a league source confirmed today. ...

The fine itself is not for Wilfork's alleged elbow to Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler, but instead, for what league officials felt was a pattern of aggression that could negatively impact other players in the game, the league source said. Unnecessary roughness against the Broncos was what sparked the fine (updated 12:21 p.m.).

When Wilfork met with commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday, Goodell wanted to be sure that Wilfork understood the importance of the safety of the players around him. The fine provides Wilfork something tangible that clearly reflects Goodell's thoughts.

So Goodell had to explain to Wilfork that, say, trying to decapitate Jay Cutler, or permanently hobble J.P. Losman, is frowned upon down at league headquarters? (Is that a secret?) And to show he means business, the commissioner asks Wilfork to write a check for $35,000, which works out to six percent of his 2008 base salary.

Yeah, that's a deterrent.

To summarize: chronic cheap shot are seven times worse than illegally honoring a fallen teammate, but only 3.5 times worse than dancing. Got it.

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