NFL Fines John Henderson $15K for Trying to Remove Andrew Whitworth's Eyeballs

Ryan Wilson

by Ryan WilsonDuring last week's loss to the Bengals, Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson decided that trying to remove Andrew Whitworth's eyeballs with his fingers might be a way to bring energy to his team. It's not as effective as flexing your muscles, apparently, but desperate times, measures and whatnot.

You can see Henderson in all his professional wrasslin' glory below:

And yesterday we learned that the going rate for eye-gouging with the intent to blind* is $15,000, at least according to the NFL Plinko Board. Of course, this is the same outfit who fined Justin Tuck for making a legal tackle only to have commissioner Roger Goodell explain that legal tackles are, you know, legal.

Whitworth was also fined $10K because he threw a punch, but there should probably be allowances for self defense, especially if it's in an effort to save your sight. Just outside-the-boxing it there.

"I just pushed [Henderson] past the quarterback, and he fell to the ground," Whitworth said. "But he held onto my facemask and ripped my helmet off. I turned to go back to the play, and the next thing I knew, I felt him grabbing at my eyeballs. I really didn't know what to do when someone's fingers are trying to dig into my eyes."

Not punch him for one, Andrew. That'll cost you 10 large, forget that you were just protecting yourself. Also acceptable answer: don't dance, don't jump into the stands, don't honor fallen teammates, and absolutely NO BONGOS. Llello, on the other hand...

* wild speculation

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