NFL FanHouse Midseason Midtacular: Who Isn't Getting the Respect He Deserves?

NFL FanHouse Midseason Midtacular: because handing out awards at the halfway point in the season seemed like the right thing to do.

You have a group of guys that everyone rants about. Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson -- these guys are great and deserve the press they receive. But what about the other guys? The players that are busting their tails for the team and aren't on the top of the Pardon the Interruption roll week in and week out. These guys are underrated, under-appreciated but better than most would expect. Who makes the list? You shall soon see...

Roddy White, WR Atlanta -- Matt Ryan might be having a great season, but a lot can be attributed to White, who has had 112 yards receiving or more in four of his last six games. Starting the season slow, White is now averaging 91.6 yards per game and has become one of the most consistent wide-outs in the league. Too bad most people still would rather have Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.

Owen Daniels, TE Houston -- Yeah, if you didn't know, he's the other option for Matt Schaub in Houston, and he's a damn good substitute for Andre Johnson. Daniels averages 66 yards per game with two touchdowns, catching at least three balls a game this season. If there is a guy you'd want on your team that nobody has heard of, Owens is him. Is it crazy to call him the best tight end in Texas?

Chad Pennington, QB Miami -- He might have a noodle arm but he sure gets a lot of out that piece of pasta. The sixth-ranked quarterback in the NFL has the Dolphins at 4-4, miles ahead of what anyone thought before the season started. While he isn't flashy, he's been solid and has a lot of Jets fans wishing they would have kept him for one more year instead of going to the gun shop for an "upgrade."

Greg Camarillo, WR Miami -- Who has been pulling in all those catches for Pennington? Well, one of the beneficiaries is Camarillo, an undrafted wide receiver out of Stanford. Camarillo had 111 yards last week against the Broncos, which garnished this comment from Denver receiver Brandon Marshall after the game -- "I don't even know the name of that receiver. Don't know it."

The Titans Offensive Line -- Michael Roos, Eugene Amano, Kevin Mawae, Jake Scott and David Stewart. Those names are just as important to the 8-0 Titans as any on the squad, just ask Chris Johnson, Lendale White and Kerry Collins. Think about this for a second -- Collins has been sacked three times this season. San Francisco's quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan has been sacked 32 times this season. I have a feeling that might make a pretty big difference in your record.

But, the winner is....

Kyle Orton, QB Chicago -- The Bears are winning because of their offense. Their offense is run through Orton, and the fourth year quarterback is taking the responsibility like a true veteran. The Bears have scored less than 20 points once this season, yet the 5-3 record and tops in the NFC North is still attributed to Devin Hester and the offense. We have to face the facts -- Orton is a capable quarterback and with the pieces in place, has the ability to make a legitimate run in the NFC.

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