More Video on Jared Allen's Low Hits on Matt Schaub: Dirty or Not?

Texan coach Gary Kubiak has submitted three plays to the league relating to Viking defensive end Jared Allen's play against Houston. Two of those plays are low hits to the quarterback, which are against league rules.

These hits look particularly bad because Allen is not trying to tackle with his arms but is leading with his helmet toward Matt Schaub's knees. (New video showing both hits above).

Schaub is now out with an MCL injury (perhaps a tear), and is likely going to be out two to four weeks, though some suggest he may be placed on IR.

In 2006, the NFL competition committee changed the rules relating to low hits on quarterbacks, making it the defender's obligation to avoid low hits to quarterbacks who are not running. This became known by some as the "Carson Palmer rule."

In the NFL Rules Digest, it states:

"No defensive player who has an unrestricted path to the quarterback may hit him flagrantly in the area of the knee(s) or below when approaching in any direction."

The video looks pretty ugly. Allen isn't blocked into Schaub, and clearly has no chance to hit him knees or higher with either hit. He doesn't try to wrap up with his arms and leads with his helmet. Each hit individually looks bad, but both together looks dirty. (Even some Viking fans think so).

For those who looked at the other video and thought the helmet to knee contact was accidental, do you still feel the same way seeing both hits? Do you think that Allen made any effort not to hit Schaub low?

Schaub after a slow start to the season had started to turn his season around with some very good numbers. The biggest question with him has been whether he could stay healthy. All the shots he has taken that kept him out of games last year were some pretty serious ones, some penalized and one fined.

No word on what punishment Allen will receive, if any. And even if he receives a fine that is a small part of his salary, this isn't going to help Schaub any.

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