Lions Only 0-8 Team in NFL History With Quarterback Controversy

Another Sunday, another loss for the Lions, this time in debilitating, "how the hell did we lose that one!?" fashion. Good news is on the way, however, in the form of quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who was last relevant in 2004.

Apparently, though, not everybody thinks Culpepper is this franchise's savior. Weird, I know. Last night, Peter King suggested Detroit might be in the Matt Cassel business this offseason because they fit the description of a "team that desperately needs a quarterback."

In the meantime, the Lions are just trying to win a freaking game. Which is why the Detroit Free Press' Michael Rosenberg's suggestions that the club is now in the midst of a quarterback controversy is, well, hilarious.

The thinking, I guess, is that if Dan Orlovsky is the future of the franchise, you don't sign Jon Kitna to a three-year deal, draft Drew Stanton in the second round and ink Culpepper in the middle of the season. Fair enough, but despite the obvious absurdities, it's not entirely Orlovsky's fault the Lions can't even accidentally win a game.

And like I wrote yesterday, if Detroit is serious about fixing the revolving door at quarterback, maybe they should hire a personnel guy with actual on-the-job experience, use a high-round pick on the position, and let them sit and watch for a year or two while Orlovsky/Culpepper/Random Dude Off the Street hold down the fort (as much as you can do that while still averaging 12 losses a season).

The bigger issue, it seems, is the coaching staff. Last week, offensive coordinator Jim Colletto admitted that he wouldn't play Stanton because he didn't want to "embarrass him" (thanks, coach!), and in addition to his questionable people-person skills, it's not clear he's even a mediocre coach.

Orlovsky played OK in the 27-23 loss to the Bears, especially since he and Colletto were not on the same wavelength. Literally.

Colletto said his headset kept cutting out and he couldn't call plays. He didn't say when this happened, but given Colletto's history, I assume it was when the Lions scored 23 points in the second quarter.

"We ran plays I've never even seen before," Colletto said, and I thought that was probably a good thing, but he seemed frustrated anyway.

Just in case it wasn't clear why this outfit is 0-8, there ya go: "We ran plays I've never even seen before." You think Bill Belichick has ever uttered that phrase?

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