Lawrence Taylor, Life Coach, Offers Plaxico Burress Some Advice

Lawrence Taylor

With that team-first attitude in mind, I suppose it should come as no surprise that, in today's New York Daily News, LT calls out Plaxico Burress for not playing well with others.

"You've got to realize that it's all right to be an individual," Taylor [said]. "I'm all for being an individual. You do your thing. But you're still not above the team. When it starts to disrupt the team, then you have to revisit it and look at it and see if you're doing it right."

Taylor admits that he had run-ins with then-coach Bill Parcells during his New York career, but points out that back in the day that coaches always won those battles.

"We may have had a conflict, not of personalities, but between the way I wanted to do something and the way he wanted to do something, but the rules are the rules," Taylor said. "And on Sunday, I planned on playing. I was going to pretty much try to get away with as much as I could, but I knew when you crossed the line."

I can't disagree with any of Taylor's comments, and it's pretty easy to conclude that Burress isn't a model teammate; if it wasn't obvious last season, he brought home the point four or five times since. Here's the thing, though: the Giants don't seem all that affected by it. Yeah, some of Burress' antics are distracting, and I'm sure in the sanitized, Pleasantville version of this story Plax is a swell teammate, and brings Tom Coughlin an apple before every practice.

But it probably bears mentioning: New York did win the Super Bowl last year. And right now, they're considered one of the best teams in the league. Could it be better? Sure. But it could also be a lot worse.

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