Kiffin Somehow Doesn't Get Burnt for Letting Janikowski Attempt a 76-Yard Field Goal

Antonio Cromartie made a name for himself when he set the league record for longest play in NFL history, running a missed field goal 109.9 yards the other way for a touchdown. He was able to do this because he is quite fast.

In other words, if you're playing against the Chargers, you probably shouldn't attempt a frivolously long field goal, because there's the chance they will run it back on you.

And if you're Lane Kiffin and your job is still on the line and you need the ball to travel and NFL record (I believe) 76 yards in order to pick up three points and you are somehow already holding onto a double digit lead against your division rival, well, you definitely shouldn't do it.

But Kiffin missed that memo, apparently, sending Sebastian Janikowski out onto field with one second left to try and kick a 76 yard field goal. This would somehow be less ridiculous, I suppose, if Kiffin hadn't tried something like this last year, with similar results.

Of course, as MDS pointed out then, KOWSKI did have enough leg to donk it 70 yards, so maybe this wasn't that crazy. Or maybe it was -- the ball was fielded outside the goal line and could have resulted in six for the Chargers were it not for a tackle by the Raiders.

I like to gamble as much as the next person, but the Raiders were sitting on a 15 point lead at the time, and really, it was just unnecessary.

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