Joey Porter Is, Not Surprisingly, Willing to Get Fined in Exchange for Bashing Ed Hochuli

Joey Porter Ed Hochuli

So, surprise - surprise, Porter mouthed off. And, again, surprise - surprise, he got fined by the NFL.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter was fined $20,000 Friday by the NFL for comments critical of beleaguered referee Ed Hochuli and his crew in Sunday's loss at Houston.

On the first play of the Texans' drive for the winning touchdown late in the game, Porter stripped quarterback Matt Schaub. Hochuli ruled the play an incomplete pass rather than a fumble, saying Schaub's arm was moving forward when hit.

"I know for sure that I had both his arms when the ball came out," Porter said after the game. "I'm looking for an apology or something on Tuesday or Wednesday on NFL Network, but it will be too late by then. The game's over. ...

See, this is a case of Porter kind of being foolish. After all, 20 grr isn't really enough money to cough up for a discussion of whether or not the tuck rule was appropriately called.

But, you can bet that he thought because Hochuli has been all up in the news this year, he could probably get away with a little bit of jawing in the zebra's direction. Whoops.

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