It's Official: DeAngelo Hall's Reign of Terror Is Over in Oakland

So ends DeAngelo Hall's illustrious Oakland Raiders career. (And it only took eight weeks!) Man, that came out of nowhere, didn't it? I mean, I really believed him when he said the Raiders would have the league's best secondary this season.

Apparently, owner Al Davis got tired of seeing opposing wide receivers burn Hall to a crisp for three hours every Sunday. That it only took two months to come to this realization is a sure sign that the Raiders are serious about turning things around.

While we wait for that, word on the street is that the team asked Hall if he would consider restructuring his contract, he declined, and they promptly released him. But MeAngelo being MeAngelo, he didn't go quietly.

During last week's pimp-slapping at the hands of the Falcons, Hall got a little mouthy on his way to the locker room during halftime. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (via TBL):

Despite a few shoves and reprimands from his new teammates along the way in the tunnel, Hall kept swinging his head around to deliver sizzling words to his old teammates. "I was with [the Oakland players] in there trying to pull him away from arguing, man, because I told him, 'You're better than that, be a good person and don't get caught up in mouth talk,' " said Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson ... Hall bolted unseen after the game without comment, but Jackson added from the visitors' locker room, "I told him at halftime in the tunnel to be a good sportsman and just to keep on playing, man."

And to think, this was the same dude who was willing to put "his seven-year, $70 million contract up as collateral against [Michael] Vick getting in trouble with the law again" in an effort to get Ron Mexico to the Raiders. He can go ahead and mark that off the to-do list.

Oh, and Javon, you're next.

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