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Shane Bacon

by Shane Bacon

I almost feel just as guilty as the mainstream media at times like this. Brett Favre speaks, and I immediately start writing about it.

The only difference is my disdain for Favre. The guy is basically the 3-D version of the saying, "from the penthouse to the outhouse" and things don't seem to be getting any better.

After Thomas Jones ripped Favre for all those turnovers and Bill Cowher was reportedly worried about working with Favre as his quarterback, the Uncertain One has finally decided to talk, this time to the Biloxi Sun Herald.

''As for as Thomas, I have not seen the comments,'' Favre said. "To be honest, I am not worried about the comments, either. Was Thomas backed into a corner or in a bad mood when he said those things? I don't know, but ripping Thomas is not my nature.

"The bottom line is I didn't play well in the final five games. It starts with me and it should. I am not ripping Thomas because that is not my nature. My expectations of myself are high and the only one that I let down was myself.''

The only one you let down was yourself? Not your teammates or the millions of Jets fans or even that guy that sits on that other guy's shoulders and screams the letters to your team while the stadium joins in? I mean, we all know Favre is more selfish than a two-year-old with his toys, but come on, you let a lot of other people down too.

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