Hasselbeck Out, Seneca Starting, Holmgren's Retirement Nightmare Train Rolls On

The Seattle Seahawks have not had a lot going for them lately -- but hey, they won this week! And, of course, they're in the putrid NFC West, so really, anything can happen.

Of course, for something to actually work out well for them, they're probably going to need Matt Hasselbeck to be healthy. Problem: He's not. And he won't be able to play this week either.

Hasselbeck told KIRO Radio on Tuesday that he does not need surgery.

The quarterback says he failed tests in Los Angeles and was unable to walk on his heels. He says there's no pain in his back or right leg, just a "dead leg" feeling. He plans to keep working on strength and conditioning and take another round of tests soon.

But, hey, in good news, Seneca Wallace is still hanging around! Yay. No more Charlie Frye. Woo.

Of course, that's not really "good" news per se, but it is in fact news. But at least the Seahawks only have to play the Eagles this ... oh, right. Yeah, this is bad news. And, I really have to wonder why Hasselbeck hasn't just called the dogs off on this season and had surgery.

Because my best guess would be that he's holding off on it under the assumption that he won't ever get to play for Mike Holmgren again, and that he'd like to suit up for his mentor one last time. Of course, if that's the case (and it's total speculation, mind you), then you have to wonder if such a decision is actually beneficial to the long-term future of the Seahawks. I would guess "no."

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