FanHouse in the Stands: Crazy Close Video of Texans Cheerleaders From ‘The Bull Pen'

FanHouse in the Stands ."

At Reliant Stadium, there is a section of seats in the north end zone that the Houston Texans call "The Bull Pen." It's a section where standing the entire game is pretty much mandatory, and they don't recommend families sitting in that area.

Last Sunday, courtesy of some friends, I sat in the front row of The Bull Pen, and I wanted to give you a flavor of what it is like. This entry includes semi-vulgarity, fashion don'ts and cheerleader dancing video....very up close...for those of the FanHouse readership who like that sort of thing.

Zombie Texans

I know a lot of people knock folks for dressing up at games, but I absolutely adore it. I mean, why be so serious when what you are paying money to watch grown mens battling over a ball.

I know the players like it when fans dress in fan gear for the event that is an NFL game, so why the heck not? Be a brain-eating, Texan zombie that expresses undead happiness of winning three games in a row.

I can tell you unequivocally that if you dress up to go to a sporting event, you have much more fun than if you don't. It marks you as a part of the community, and people are more welcoming to you, even if you are a zombie.

Does that read 'Luck Dallas?'

Some Texans fans like Dallas as their NFC team. Some Texans fans loathe the Cowboys.

This Bull Pen denizen recycled his old David Carr jersey in a creative way I've never seen before.

You see, for a while, Mitten Carr jerseys were the only ones you could really find in stores. So lots of Texans fans have ones that they would never ever wear again, unless they changed the back of it.

This guy gets an 'A' for creativity and helping keep the world a cleaner place by recycling.

Up Close with the Texans Cheerleaders

At the two minute warning, the Texans cheerleaders do a dance in the endzone. So if you want to get a sense of how close the seats are to the field or just enjoy watching cheerleaders, check out this Texans Cheerleader YouTube from Sunday:

If you want to see more Texans cheerleader video, check out the team website (warning autoplay).

Sunday's Fashion Do's and Don'ts

There are usually too many Fashion Don'ts at any football game to discuss, but I've illustrated a number of them with my photoshop telestrator.

1. Don't wear other team jerseys or hat or some random color yellow, even if yellow matches your live snake. Yes, we appreciate that you still love Brett Favre as a Packer fan, but Favre as a Jet or a Packer wasn't playing in the Bengals-Texans game.

2. Do not bring a live snake. Even if you can use it to convince some silly blogger that the only way you will do an interview if she is in the video with you and the snake.

3. In the background, Josh demonstrates proper NFL fan attire. He is repping a Texans jersey and wearing sunglasses and a Texans hat to protect him from the sun.

See, that's not hard. Don't freaking show up to a Bengals-Texans game wearing a yellow shirt or a Brett Favre Green Bay jersey.

In any event, it is big fun to sit in the Bull Pen, and I recommend Texans fans to try to do it at least once if you can manage. That would be the last place I would recommend opposing fans sitting. I'd like to thank The Bull Pen for being such gracious hosts and making my time watching the Texans beat down the Bengals extra entertaining.

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