Eddie Guardado Traded For a Hamburger

No, no ... this isn't a case of a minor leaguer being traded for maple bats. Nope, the hamburger is question is righty pitcher Mark Hamburger. So yes, Eddie Guardado is worth more than ground beef patties. He's certainly worth more than that to the Twins, who have brought him back for the minor leaguer.

Guardado has had a nice bounce back season for Texas after two injury plagued seasons for the Reds, going 3-3 with a 3.65 ERA, a 1.11 WHIP, 23 holds and four saves. Key is that hitters are batting .220 off of Guardado, while the Twins bullpen is in the lower half of baseball with a .262 BAA. Guardado had recently returned to closing for Texas after the injury to C.J. Wilson, but its obvious that at the age of 37, his value is greater as a set-up guy for a contender than as a closer for a .500 team ... especially at this point, where the only lefty the Twins could bring out of the 'pen these days was Craig Breslow (edit: and Dennys Reyes). So to the Twins, Guardado isn't exactly chopped liver (or chopped steak.)

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