Daunte Culpepper Cancels Trip to Kansas City Because Of Better Opportunity

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer is reporting that retired/free agent quarterback Daunte Culpepper cancelled his trip to Kansas City to become the Chiefs new QB.

Last week, Culpepper threw out a completely outrageous contract request to teams vying for his services. Those teams balked at giving him a figure for next year that he was hoping to reach in the eight figures. On Friday, he came down from that preposterous request and agreed to meet with the Chiefs on Tuesday for a physical and face-to-face negotiations.

But one day before he was to meet for a chance to get back into the NFL, Culpepper has turned down yet another odd path.

FOXSports.com has learned that Culpepper told the Chiefs on Monday that he has a better opportunity with another team and was thus going to cancel his Tuesday visit. It's not clear which team, if any, he was referring to, but that was the last straw for the Chiefs as they have now completely moved on.

So, is this a bluff or legit? Remember that Culpepper is his own agent so he could be trying to milk the most out of the Chiefs. Doing the whole "I found a better deal down the street" bluff won't work on a team that isn't looking for anything more than a guy to finish out the string and then move on.

I don't believe the better opportunity jive either. Dude has been looking for a job for nearly a year and the only team that has bitten is the lowly Chiefs. Who else could possibly want him? The only thoughts could be the Cowboys, Lions or Bengals.

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