Cowboys Michael Jenkins Goes ‘Tackling Optional' on Derrick Ward TD Run

The Cowboys get a one-week respite from their current tailspin, but there's plenty to fix before the team resumes their quest to not win a playoff game since 1996. For starters, quarterback Tony Romo needs to get healthy, the offensive line needs to play more consistently, and the defense has to start making tackles.

And that that last point can't be stressed enough. The defensive wretchedness has been obscured by the Brad Johnson One Man Circus, but I think this pretty much sums things up. Keep an eye on rookie cornerback Michael Jenkins, wearing No. 31 (irony not lost on Roy Williams, by the way):

That's almost as embarrassing as what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was saying after the Cowboys drafted Jenkins in April:

"I told Adam if we drafted a corner it shouldn't be interpreted in any way," Jones said. "When you look at the possibilities we have with Jenkins and Adam, it's pretty exciting."

In case there's any confusion, "Adam" is the currently suspended "Adam" Pacman Jones, who was as close to making a play on Derrick Ward as Jenkins. Feel the excitement! Jerry compels you!

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