Concussion Gives Big Ben Headache, Swollen Noggin; Now Helmet Doesn't Fit

Ryan Wilson

by Ryan Wilson

Quick refresher just in case you started following tackle football yesterday afternoon: during a meaningless Week 17 game against the Browns, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was tackled, concussed, and hauled off the field in the span of 15 minutes.


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Trust me, it was much more dramatic than that 17-word description, and the incident led to the predictably lame arguments about playing starters in a game that doesn't matter, followed by legitimate concerns about Big Ben's health.

Turns out, Roethlisberger just had a concussion. (I say "just" not to trivialize a head injury, but to put it in perspective; Ben's facemask was removed, he was tied to a stretcher and driven off the field. Such precautions are usually reserved for serious injuries, although drama queening quarterbacks might now be an exception.)

And with the Steelers enjoying a first-round bye, Roethlisberger's been cleared to play this Sunday against the Chargers. One problem, though: his helmet doesn't fit. No, seriously, just read quite possibly the best lede ever written:

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