Chad Ocho Cinco Is Delusional, Thinks the Bengals Could Finish 8-8

You can't teach speed. Or crazy. And Chad Ocho Cinco has both, although he's mostly flashed the latter through 2008. But apparently, he believes that he can get back on track to being a superstar (although he may want to shoot for just "relevant" first).

Oh, and he also believes that the Bengals -- who, mind you, are winless -- can finish 8-8 this season.

"I don't know about people watching this, but I feel we've got a chance to go 8-8," Ocho Cinco said before Wednesday's practice. "We get a good win. We get rolling and Fitzy (quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick) getting better week in and week out. Y'all don't get to see it and might not understand it, but watching film he's getting better. He's getting a lot more comfortable."

Now, as MDS noted in his power rankings today, the sensible thing would be to let Fitzy get loose. But not because he's improving; any more time behind that offensive line for Carson Palmer is going to result in Marvin Lewis getting charged with manslaughter.

And while it's fantastic that Ocho believes in Fitzy and his team, it's also kind of sad to see him flailing about, trying to make noise to justify his relevance and gain media attention, simply because people stopped caring.

Update: Hey, look! More ... how do you say it ... cookytalk from Ocho Cinco. It appears that he has zero plans to actually pay Reebok for jersey sales lost and will be rocking out "Johnson" on the back of his uni for the rest of the season ("We've just left it alone," he said, in an interview. "I'll just wait and do it next year.") For shame, Chad. For shame.

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