Calgary Police Concerned About Officers' Safety at Canadian Football League Games

This video, showing a run-in between police officers and fans at a Canadian Football League game, is raising questions about whether the stands at a CFL game are a safe place to be, either for the fans or for the police:

The video shows an officer trying to remove a fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders from Monday's game against the Stampeders in Calgary. Things get physical, with fans lunging at officers, officers swinging at fans, and, according to the police, one fan trying to grab an officer's gun.

Police say there are simply too many rowdy fans for them to control them all:

"I am absolutely concerned with our officers' safety and their welfare. Having been in many situations myself, it is absolutely not a comfortable situation," said Supt. Trevor Daroux.

The Calgary police say they may have to start increasing the number of officers who staff each game.

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