Buyer Beware: Cutler's a Big Baby With a Big Arm

by Dan Graziano

How much respect can Jay Cutler expect to command with his new team after the way he's handled his rift with the Broncos?

What a mess. This whole Broncos-Jay Cutler thing has devolved into one of those movies where there's no character to like, nobody for whom to root. The team and its new 32-year-old head coach obviously shoulder plenty of blame. If Josh McDaniels' first act as coach is to run a Pro Bowl quarterback out of town, he'd better turn out to be one heck of a coach. But this is a failed first test. A good coach, a true leader of men, could have found a way to pull Cutler through this and make him into a productive player for the team in spite of the rocky start.

But to lay all of the blame on the team is to let the quarterback off easy. Cutler has conducted himself like a gigantic, spoiled crybaby for the past several weeks. He deserves no sympathy, and the Redskins or any of the other teams trying to trade for him need to take a big step back and think about what, exactly, they'd be getting.

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