Analyzing the Playoffs: Steelers Are a Passing Team By Necessity

JJ Cooper

by JJ Cooper

If you're a Steelers fan, you're probably wishing that the Steelers would run the ball more. If you're a Steelers fan who is happy with Pittsburgh's run-pass mix, I want to meet you, because you're part of a rare breed.

It's part of the Steelers identity: Pittsburgh wins by running the ball and playing tough defense, and any other approach is left to less physical and less worthy teams. We want Jerome Bettis bowling over Brian Urlacher in the snow for the game-winning touchdown, with an occasional trick play thrown in there just to keep defense's honest.

But there have (obviously) been no Bettis bowling games, and very few long Willie Parker runs this year. The Steelers have even gotten rid of the trick plays. So it's not surprise that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is considered the axis of evil in Pittsburgh. This year's Steelers have thrown the ball more than they've run, they've struggled to run the ball at all. Oh and Ben Roethlisberger has gotten sacked way too often.

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