Dodgers Fans, Thanks for Coming

L.A. Dodgers fans have come to town to donate dollars, wins

Getty Images

For the first time this season, PETCO Park will be packed for an entire weekend.  Friday night was a near sellout, Saturday is a sellout, and Sunday is rapidly becoming a sellout.  Is it because Padres fans are finally on board, believing this hot start is not a fluke?  Probably not.  More likely, it's because the Dodgers are in town.  Whenever that happens, baseball fans from L.A. drive down to watch their team.

We need to welcome them with arms wide open and say, "Thanks!"  Sure, they can be a little rowdy (I'm guessing it's no coincidence the first game of the weekend series was Law Enforcement Appreciation Night at the stadium).  But they give us two very important things.  One, lots of tourism dollars.  Two, a few wins for the Padres.

The money thing is self-explanatory (and spent mostly on beer).  The wins thing is basically because the Padres are a better baseball team than the Dodgers.  So, Dodgers fans, enjoy our beautiful town, and thanks again for stopping by.  We'll be sure to return the favor when the Padres play in L.A., except we won't be leaving wins, we'll take some back home with us like souveniers.

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