“Chargers Twerk Girl” Seeks New Favorite NFL Team

Charger fans are dealing with the teams move to Los Angeles in different ways. One San Diego woman made a unique video chronicling her breakup with the Chargers and quest for a new team.

Chargers fans in San Diego are dealing with the team’s departure in different ways.

Some fans are following the Chargers to Los Angeles, believing in the Bolts wherever the team is.

Other fans are taking a tougher stance.  Burning Chargers jerseys, buying anti Chargers billboards, not watching Chargers games on TV, in essence ending their fandom, their relationship and their love for an NFL team that called San Diego home for 56 years.

One Chargers fan named Bre Priest is dealing with the Chargers move in a unique manner, she made a breakup video and posted it on the internet.  The hook is that Priest gained notoriety by twerking upside down in the parking lot before Chargers home games. Her #TwerkSundays videos became so popular that Priest was nicknamed “Chargers Twerk Girl.”

Now Priest tells NBC7, “Twerk Girl needs a new team!”

In the video, Priest throws away her Chargers jersey and makes a plea for a new favorite NFL team. Asking all 32 NFL teams “Will it be you?”

 The former Chargers twerk girl says “I’m on a mission to find a new team.  I’m a very passionate, dedicated loyal fan that’s looking for a team that wants to have me as part of their organization.”

Asked if she has any teams she’d like to root for?  Bre said, “I think the Tennessee Titans could use some love.  I can’t do the Raiders.  I do love Drew Brees, so I say Who dat!”

After the New Orleans Saints beat the Chargers in the preseason, the Saints reached out to Priest on twitter tweeting “He Bre – hope we won you over with our win over the Chargers! We have one of the most passionate fan basis in sports – come join the Black & Gold family.”

While Priest sorts through finding a new favorite NFL team, she admits this her best way of dealing with the pain of the Chargers move.

“Although the Chargers leaving San Diego is extremely sad, you gotta have a little fun with it.  I feel like this was perfect moment to take a negative situation and put a positive light to it.  So I felt like it would be good to find a new team because I want to bring my passion somewhere and I want to do something fun and bring laughs to people.”

 “I’m really sad about the Chargers leaving, I would anything to have them back, but I do want to continue with my passion and I love the NFL, so I’m hoping this will help me find a new team.”

Some people may criticize Priest’s twerking for being too provocative or risqué, but she insists this all comes from a good place.  Priest started dancing with family and friends at pregame Charger tailgate parties, then it grew from there.

“My parents are actually really proud of me for voicing my opinions and taking a stance, they actually posted my video on their Facebook page and are proud of their daughter.”

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