Chargers Looking For Clues

The Chargers Will Take Notes in San Francisco

Getty Images

As little as exhibition season NFL football means, teams cannot completely disguise their game plans.  You can't possibly play an entire 60 minute game using plays or formations that will never been seen again.  So when the Chargers play the 49ers in preseason game number four Thursday night, the Bolts will be taking copius notes.

"You can always learn," said tight end Antonio Gates.  "Obviously experience is the key to learning.  The 49ers are not in our division, so just going out there and getting a chance and a feel for what they do, hopefully it can help us in the regular season."

Of course, the opposite is also true.  San Francisco will keep a watchful eye on everything the Chargers do.  So, don't expect to see anything flashy or fun from anyone.

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