Bolts Star Says Defense Needed Spark

New defensive coordinator named earlier this week

Changing philosophies in the middle of an NFL season is not easy to do, but the way the Chargers defense was playing, the gamble could very well be worth it.
New defensive coordinator Ron Rivera ran his guys through drills on Wednesday.

Afterward, linebacker Shaun Phillips said the guys definitely needed some kind of spark.

"Guys will start to disbelieve if things keep going the way they are, but as far as I know, every guy in this system still believes in what's going on, and we have to re-shift our focus in Rivera's philosophy, but I don't think that will be a problem because he is a personable guy, and the guys tend to listen to him already," Phillips said at a news conference Wednesday.

The Chargers have another 10 days to get back on track -- they have a bye week on Sunday and will face Kansas City next week.

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