Bolts’ Blackout Once More

What to do?


Same song, different team.  As expected, there is another round of blackouts for the Chargers’ game on Sunday due to low ticket sales. This time it’s against the Arizona Cardinals.

Just like the last home game, Chargers’ fans won’t be able to watch the game within a 75-mile radius of Qualcomm stadium, including cable and satellite.

According to the Chargers, there are still more than 6,500 tickets available for the game.


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When fans first heard the word “blackout” associated with their beloved hometeam football games, feelings of anger and disappointment arose. Some resorted to buying the expensive tickets—around $80 per person—and some got creative.

Here are some fan solutions:

  •   “Slingbox” is a website where you can watch TV on your computer so you just might be able to find the game there.
  •   One fan even suggested Skype-ing with someone who has the game on TV and watching it through that third-party medium. Although the quality won’t be terrific, it’s better than no game at all, right?
  •   You can listen to the game live on the radio. KIOZ Rock 105.3 Fm and XTRA Sports 1360 AM.
  • Of course, if you know someone in an area that the game is being shown, you can always head there to see it.

Kick off is at 1:15 p.m.

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