San Diego Padres

Betting on Baseball: Oddsmakers Optimistic About Padres

There's always THIS year!?!?

Despite finishing no better than fourth place in the five-team National League West since 2014, oddsmakers apparently like the San Diego Padres and predict the team will be considerably improved this season.

Of course, there are no odds posted on whether Major League Baseball will even have a season. With COVID-19 outbreaks still happening across the country and within the sport, there are many who doubt that MLB teams will even make it to the field for the first game before the sport is shut down due to safety concerns.

If they do play ball, though, the Padres over/under win total is 31.5 games in the abbreviated 60-game season that kicks off on July 23 or July 24, according to If that prediction were to come true, the Friars would boast the second-highest win total in the division, something the Padres haven’t accomplished in the NL West since 2010.

The Padres were in last place in the NL West in 2019 and 2018, fourth place in 2017, last place in 2016, fourth place in 2015, third place in 2014 and 2013, fourth place in 2012, and, again, in last place in 2011.

Here are the NL West over/under win totals forecast for the 2020 season:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 37.5 wins
  • San Diego Padres 31.5 wins
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 31 wins
  • Colorado Rockies 27.5 wins
  • San Francisco Giants 25.5 wins

If the oddsmakers are correct, then the Padres will have their best season in the last 10 years.

Want to dream a little bigger than second place in the division? The Padres odds of winning the World Series are 40 to 1. The Dodgers and New York Yankees are prohibitive World Series Champion favorites, with both at 7 to 2.

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